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Travel Pet Peeves: Carrying-On with Consideration

Travel Pet Peeves! 

I’ve been traveling more and have run into another experience that makes me want to share some thoughts on considering those around you when planning a trip. I am quite certain this would not be the practice of anyone in the travel industry but many of us might experience it as nearby passengers.

Most airlines allow two carry-ons, including one personal bag. In my mind that means that what I’m bringing on board must fit into those bags. However, any passengers must not think that way. I’m not sure how the airline people view it, as many allow strange things to happen.

On a recent trip, I had an aisle seat and was waiting to see if there would be a passenger to sit in the middle seat before taking off. Low and behold, one of the last people to board down the aisle came a passenger with overflowing arms to claim her seat. She had two bags. One was a medium sized purse and the other was a bulging at the seams oversized bag that had no hope of being zipped up. The contents included many things that were none of my business, so I didn’t look, except for the blanket that did have one corner able to fit in. This thick fuzzy blanket reminded me of a full-size blanket I have on my couch for snuggling up while watching TV. As she sat down and settled in, I couldn’t sit down quite yet. Her hair was long, almost to her mid-thighs and much of it was occupying my seat. I certainly didn’t want to sit on her hair. She looked up and motioned I should sit. I replied saying I didn’t want to sit on her hair as I imagined it would be painful for her. She laughed and scooped it up, threw it over the blanket and thanked me.

She donned her eye mask, pulled up the blanket and went to sleep. Both the passenger in the window seat and myself had to continue to adjust the blanket so that it did not cover us throughout the flight. She did manage to wake to order a coke when the flight attendant came around for drink orders. Then, she promptly fell back asleep and woke for the landing. Yes, I placed the drink on her tray when delivered and then gave the flight attendant the untouched drink to dispose of prior to landing.

I guess I was brought up to think of others around me before myself. I do think about what I will need for flights, and I do often carry a travel blanket in the case that I might want one for the flight. I also carry a fan because I experience those tropical heat waves many of us do as I’ve aged, but it all fits within my bags. How do you perceive the carry-on guidelines?

Courtesy of Beth Kitzman

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